Monkey wrench

Tracy Bullock
5 min readJan 11, 2022

What am I supposed to do with this?

No skills for being stuck.

I have no skills for being stuck. I am stuck and I have no skills for it. I have tools to move you through and ideas of how to love away the rut, but for me — oh, hell no. And that is not unexpected, right?

Perhaps you have been reading? Perhaps we know each other? Perhaps you’re on to me before I am? Good, then we are starting with a level of familiarity with the trouble with love. But I don’t think that love is the thing here at all. Rather, I want to use the word intimacy, for intimacy is about trust.

Try this on for specificity:

There is this creative work I do between, around, below, and above the coaching work of SDYD that hits your inbox here. This effort makes the work I do in the Zoom boxes richer and easier. More fun for all, more sustainable for me, and too, protects the preciousness of the emotions that can attach themselves to ‘careers’ far, far, away from sullying the availability and energy I am able to offer each of you.

That is super important. Work should matter only as much as it needs to. One of the things that the education industrial empire instills is that “what’ we do and “who” we are to be one. Oh, the pain! The ills! The crimes! This distinct lack of individuality can be a nasty…



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