Live your legacy. — Simplicity Do Your Dream

We talk about 401Ks, like having a healthy one is equivalent to a calling card for adulthood. Sorry to say it, but no one is buying it (yes double entendre alert!) Come squeaky clean: you barely know what 401K means beyond a dictoriorial demand for legitimacy.

I could speak on how said fiscal investments and strategy matters, for the do, inarguably. However, in a land beyond corporate convention, most folks in a career-making, creative (regardless of your modality), freelancers etc know not of such ventures.The brass tax long view is blinding or invisible.

May I offer sunglasses, clarity? Look again at the horizon, the road before you. Yet vs less travel. Want a map? Want an itinerary? The bank that you are to begin. No, it is with ideology. It is making. It is a spectuation. Dreaming. Legacy making.

First your idiom. Next your destiny.

We needy, hungry, eager, ambitious persons are inclined, especially when dissatisfied, to play mercenary. Tab to tab. Email to email. App to app. Gig to gig. We scape or we celebrate depending on the day, the returns, the criticism, the rewards. The farside, the future held only during a particularly restful moment, in the shower, and in between complaints — “I am going to …” “Why does it .. “ or “Why don’t I ..”

Who has the time? When one’s plate is full and palate pickled? The clock ticks. The calls come. Inbox oh-nos and the rest. Well, no one does and that is why there is a middle crowd, no? That is the creme that only comes to the top thanks to whipping — so let’s get out the beaters!

What is a Legacy?

A legacy is SDYD lingo is doing NOW what you are at peace (even if forcibly so at times) with locking into history. No, not about all the aces all the time, rather honesty and presence. Looking less to be heard by others, than documented by yourself.

No skirting
No slinking
No pushing
No passing off
No armour
No assback works
No blocking out
No blacking out
No bailing
No yesing without intent
No laters instead of No tomorrows
More todays

What are you applying for? Are they commitments that speak to your ethos?

Can you confidently say how you work best? What is most compatible? How do you thrive? And what factors determine your damnation?

Yo! If you can’t set your watch by these, don’t “quick apply”.

I get a lot of questions about how to weather the tricky interview asks or applicaiton musts. Yes, we can go there, returning better, as we do BUT what if we did more? What if there were the questions YOU had? What if there was the information you were seeking? What if you saw each vetting as a performance, a pageant, as showcase for your self defined shining star cast of attributes and achievements?

What if how you “did” was less about what was thought of you, versus [instead of] what you delivered from the kitchen of your own career culinary counter.

This is who I am. This is how I work, This is how I learn. This is how I am flexible, and here steadfast. What did I do? You can read my CV for that — I can’t wait to tell you what I LEARNED.

Yes, you heard it — legacies are about a life of learning. Get your books out, baby, class is on!

Originally published at on February 21, 2020.